Product - Pressure Calibrators

HPC50 Series Pressure Calibrator

The HPC50 handheld pressure calibrator is an intrinsically safe, dual pressure calibrator with options to add an additional two external pressure or temperature modules. The HPC50 pressure calibrator combines the features you love from the HPC40 with improvements like, better battery life an improved display, an extra external module connection, and of course intrinsic safety.The HPC50 series pressure calibrator is fully temperature compensated for pressure, temperature, and electrical measurements from -20 to 50°C.

  • 0.035% of Reading Accuracye.
  • Gauge, Absolute, and Differential Pressure to 10,000 psi / 700 bar / 70 MPa .
  • Advanced Simplicity "Non-Menu" Interface .
  • High Accuracy Thermometer with "True Ohm" Technology. .
HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator

The HPC40 Series handheld pressure calibrator is the world's first combined pressure and mA loop calibrator to be fully temperature compensated from -20 to 50°C. You can count on the same accuracy whether measuring pressure, current, voltage, or temperature.

  • 0.035% of Reading Accuracy.
  • Gauge, Absolute, and Differential Pressure to 15,000 psi / 1000 bar / 100 MPa.
  • Advanced Simplicity "Non-Menu" Interface.
  • Measure & Source mA with External Loop Power or Internal 24 VDC Power Supply .
nVision Reference Recorder

Reference Pressure Recorder

Accurate enough to replace a deadweight tester. Rugged enough to sit in 3 feet of water. Portable enough to complete calibrations anywhere.

  • Gauge / Absolute Pressure Datalogger to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar / 100MPa
  • Differential Pressure with up to 0.025% of reading accuracy .
  • Switch, Voltage, Current, and Temperature .
  • 500 000 data points - 10 readings per second from 2 modules
nVision Reference Recorder

This portable gauge and transmitter calibration system is 7 to 10 times faster than a deadweight tester. It allows you to do a 10 point up and down calibration in less than 3 minutes including printing out a calibration certificate.

  • Gauge / Chart recorder / Transmitter calibration system
  • 7 to 10 times faster than a deadweight tester .
  • Reduce transcription / calculation errors .
  • 0.1% of reading accuracy up to 15 000 psi (1000 bar) when using the XP2i as the reference or 0.05% of reading accuracy up to 5000 psi (300 bar) when using the 30 Series as the reference
m1 Digital Pressure Gauge

The m1 digital pressure gauge maintains 0.2% of reading accuracy from -10 to 50°C. Accuracy is not affected by dropping, over-pressure, vibration, temperature, or rapid pressure change. Available as a 30 psi digital manometer.

  • 2-Year recommended calibration interval
  • Battery life up to 3 years continuous use
  • Bright backlit display .
  • Easy to read extra-large numbers
XP2I Digital Pressure Gauges

Ultra rugged, intrinsically safe, digital test gauge with 0.1% of reading, 0.02% of full scale, or 0.05% of full scale accuracy levels.

  • Now available to 15 000 psi
  • Marine grade enclosure resists corrosion
  • Accuracy not affected from -10 to 50°C .
  • Replaces 5 or more digital test gauges